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Possible Reaction To Visalus "gluten Free" Shake Mix

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Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while as I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year ago and have felt so much better for the past few months without any major issues! Celiac.com has been my biggest help and source of info on my journey of celiac disease. Recently I have been having stomach pain again and I am trying to figure out what it's from. One thought is that it's new food intolerances that I am sensitive to such as corn, dairy, and soy. I am currently trying out the Virgin Diet to help settle my system down (obviously I am already gluten free). The other thought is that I might have had cross contamination from the Visalus shake mix I have recently tried. The shake claims to be Gluten Free but also has a disclaimer because it is processed on the same lines as products containing wheat! So frustrating!! The hardest thing about celiac disease for me (aside from giving up gluten) is the hidden gluten you inevitably get from unknown sources! I just wondered if anyone else has gone through this or might have encouragement!

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