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Relief With Hearing Celiac Disease***

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***NOW, that's not to say I'm happy with having Celiac Disease, but I had convinced myself I had cancer, so after my colonoscopy and endoscopy, and the celiac disease diagnosis, I'm ready to begin my new way of eating, shopping, living! So my first question is, is there a Celiacs "go to"

book that universally is suggested?? One with recipes, shopping tips, healthy living advice?? I'm sure there are many, but would love any suggestions to help get me started....thanks everyone

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There are lots of good celiac books and gluten-free cookbooks. I would raid your local library.  :) I personally liked Greens' book The Silent Epidemic (I think). Just avoid books by celebrities.  ;)

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I am one of the few who said "Oh thank God...I've got Celiac Disease! whew!". too ( It stopped the madness and the slow dying thing.  ^_^ )


WELCOME to the family! 


After you peruse that Newbie 101 thread, may I suggest you read


Real Life With Celiac Disease

by Melinda Dennis and Daniel Leffler


Anything you want to know is in there. Over 50 articles by celiac experts who explain everything from the disease itself to follow up care

to dietary advice and cross contamination concerns and supplements that may be helpful.




Celiac Disease: The First Year by Jules Shephard.


She also has a website for cooking tips




and I really like these bloggers' recipes.





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