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Hey everyone,

Haven't been around lately. lots of personal stuff going on but wanted to ask a couple questions to fellow Celiacs'.


1. Have you ever had issues with an ulcer? I recently developed one and needless to say its very painful. I wasn't sure if it was my diet or getting some gluten by accident and not healing up right. If so, what experiences did you have with healing? any suggestions on diet or meds to help with pain?


2. I work at a beer brewery currently (name withheld) and have been experiencing a rise in stomach discomfort and overall fatigue. Don't want to call it a full relapse but its close. I'm not in direct contact with any grains or liquids but when I got outside the very air is so thick with the smell you can almost chew it.

Any think or know if I could get contaminated from that? No one ive asked seems to know. Just looking for answers.


Thanks and hope everyone is doing well.




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