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Cranberry Juice, Vitamin Supplements,tofu (And More)

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In response to the original question... yes there are items that are not distinctly labeled gluten free that are in fact gluten free.  Like other people have said, here in the US, they have to distinguish if their product is MADE with the eight common allergens, of which wheat/gluten is one.  However, because many companies do make wheat products, they may not label their products as gluten free even if there is no wheat in it, because as I'm sure you are aware, the US is sue-happy.

HOWEVER with that said, the items that are pretty much single ingredients are good bets you are safe eating.  To use one of your examples, tofu most likely in and of itself (if you can have soy of course) is safe, however tofu with a flavoring may not be.  (Especially if the flavoring is soy sauce...)

My suggestion is, take your favorite brands, and search them, see what they have that they say is gluten free... Many companies have lists of gluten free products, since its becoming more and more diagnosed in today's world.


EDIT:  PS Drink Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.  Almost all Ocean Spray products are gluten-free, with the exception of their trail mixes

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