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2013 Gluten In Medication Act Is In Committee - Help It Stay Alive With A Phone Call

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I know someone else posted last month about the Gluten in Medication Act (HR 2003) proposed on May 15, 2013 by Tim Ryan, but I thought I'd put another post.  The act is sitting in committee, where most bills end up dying, so we can help by calling the committee's chair - Joe Pitts - or our own lawmakers and ask for their support.  I've heard politicians say that if they get five phone calls that's enough for them to take another look.  (They assume that for every person who takes the time to make a call, there are hundreds who silently support the issue.)  Joe Pitts' office phone number is (202) 225-2411 and fax is (202) 225-2013.  You can find your own representative at house.gov/representatives.   

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