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I'm just going to vent because I know this is probably the only place people will understand.

I'm tired of being sick.

After 18 months of feeling normal I am sick again.

Something is inflaming my stomach and I can't figure out why.

The worst part is I've tried a lot to feel better and nothing works.

My doctor is clueless and just wants to throw pills at me. The GI takes four months to see.

And no amount of restricted diet or OTC will help the symptoms.

I don't think I can take a hospital visit and I know they will just tell me its IBs.

It's frustrating and torturous because I know what it was like to feel good.

I feel like the only recourse is to starve myself.

I'm already under weight and fight to get calories.

Am I resigned to a life of pain and sitting at home near my toilet?

Doesn't seem a way to live but I feel like I've tried everything.

Thanks for listening


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Sorry to hear that Nate :-( *big hug*

Yes we know the feeling and our hearts are with you. Starvation won't help at all because lack of nutrients will contribute to making you feel this lousy about this whole situation.. I'm in the same boat. It's hard to see any positives when we're like this. 


I'm afraid I'm not that knowledgeable to be able to figure out why you're sick again. But try to retrace if something no matter how significant change at about the same time your symptoms came back.

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I'm actually doing that with the guidance of a dietician. So far everything makes me feel sick.

I stopped taking a med my dr put me on because she thinks I have an ulcer. It was giving me really bad migraines which I haven't had in years.

I'm thinking about trying probiotics next.

She wants me to see a new GI too.

Ugh it's frustrating.

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