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How Much Is Too Much Vitamin A? Chlorella Supplement Question.

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So I've been wondering this for quite some time, I know us who are celiac and recently discovering it tend to get malabsorption and probably need a lot more vitamin then common people but how much is too ok? I know taking too much of vitamin A can create all short of problems and since I am going with a lot more veggies now and specially sweet potatoes that are very high in vitamin A, i was wondering if it would be safe to take spirulina,


Here are the nutrition facts from the brand I have.


Vitamin A 200% (10 000UI)

Vitamin k 94% (80% K1 20% K2)

Vitamin B12 150%

Iron 39% 7mg


Seems like all the good stuff but maybe too much?


I actually used to take that same exact supplement 2 years ago when I was at the peak of my health, should probably do it again.

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