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Is It Worth Making The Inclusion Of Gluten Intolerance Even More Salient?

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Not sure I chose the right sub-forum for this. Please feel free to move it


I stopped posting on this forum for about 2 years. I recently returned because Google searches kept throwing me back here, and I realised I could find a lot more answers and  relevant discussion here than anywhere else.


Also I realised- crucially- that this forum makes no distinction between Celiac and Gluten Intolerant, except where relevant. 


And it's not often very relevant is it? Given that it's  nigh-on impossible to make a clear distinction, in practice, between the two groups (given lack of availabity, and unreliabity  of diagnostic tests) and given that the two groups seem to have identical symptoms, identical co-morbidities, and identical problems in coping with the illness!


So, hats off to this forum for recognising all that!


But still,   as somebody who's repeatedly  had her symptoms dismissed as  psychogenic, due to failing the blood test, I pretty much ceased to feel as if i had any rightful place on a celiac forum;  especially given the increasing likelihood that I fell into the "intolerence" category (which wasn't really recognised at all, a few years back, when i started on this tortuos journey)


I see that the sub-headings on the sub-fora give repeated clues as to the overall stance this forum takes. Again, well done!


It would be churlish, I think to suggest a complete name-change. Still, I do wonder if that might be for the best.


jay :)

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