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Lookinf For Ideas For Foods That Hold Up Well When Traveling

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I have to attend a family event in my home town in a few days and am looking for foods that I can make in advance and bring with me that will hold up well for being away for four days. I'll have a four-hour drive, will have a cooler, and can bring my own kitchen items as I'll be staying with family and will have access to a full kitchen ... but won't have that much time to actually prepare food when I'm away. 

And, I'm looking for things that I can make in large batches because I'd like to make enough to share with the relative that is putting me up, and if I have time, I may make enough to share with my sister and her husband who have to fly in and are also gluten free (and primarily vegetarian), though they'll be staying in a different house. 

So far I'm thinking pasta salad and potato salad because you can get so many ingredients in there that they can be meals within themselves.

I also have a couple of the better dinner meals that I make in mind that would be good if I want to try to impress my family with my culinary abilities.

But all of these are time intensive in their preparation so I wouldn't mind cutting some and replacing them with simpler options.

Of course, I've already purchased some premade items like snack bars and granola, but I normally try to avoid processed foods because I often react to them even if they are gluten free, and I certainly don't want to have a temper or a headache when dealing with my family.

And the real challenge is going to be the last day when we're going to go to an amusement park. The car will be so far away that heading back to grab food isn't feasible and there won't be anything in the park that will be safe to eat. I am hoping that I can get a locker of some sort so that I can pack a small cooler, but heat could still rule out any chilled items.

Any thoughts?

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For the house:

in mason jars put in your favorite pancake/waffle or pre-seasoned rice recipe (add liquids when you get there)

I would pre-clean/cut and marinate my own meats and bring them frozen ( easy enough to defrost and cook later)

one night try a do- it- yourself baked potato bar with all the fixins

another time try taco night you can even make the taco bowls using the upside down cupcake pan method 


For the amusement park:

bring a jar of PB and jelly or fluff with bread for sandwiches 

Hard cheeses



pickles  fyi they have individual size serving pcks of olives and pickles in the stores :-)


pre make a huge batch of your own granola and/or trail mix     you can eat it plain or buy milk for a cereal type meal


I feel like I live in the kitchen for 3 days prior to any get-away vacation  lol

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Mizzo, thanks for that. I think the salami and cheeses might be perfect for the amusement park, though precut to avoid issues of bringing in a knife! But they would definitely fulfill any cravings while running around all day. 

And I hadn't even thought about just throwing a couple of potatoes into my supplies, good for a fall back if I eat my way through everything else too quickly.

But yeah, I already do have a full day set aside prior to leaving, no work, just cooking. My legs are going to ache from standing all day! 

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