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Emmy Rossum (And Celiac Disease)

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I have a story to share:


In high school, being a "theater geek," my favorite movie was The Phantom of the Opera, which had just come out recently. During that time, I was also feeling unhappy about my Celiac (because, as many of you know, high school isn't easy, and it's even harder when you're different). But one day, my good friend brought a magazine on the bus to show me. She was all excited about it. She opened it up to a picture of Emmy Rossum, who played Christine in Phantom, picking out a box of gluten-free cereal at a store. The caption said that Emmy had Cecliac Disease. It made me happy to see a celebrity I admired share Celiac with me, and to know that my friend appreciated that. So, ever since then, I consider Emmy a "Gluten-Free Buddy."*


* "Gluten-Free Buddy" is a phrase I made up (or at least I think I did), when I was younger, because I always felt a special connection between myself and other people who are gluten-free. We're all in this together! ^_^

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