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Any Tips On Controlling Anxiety And Depression?

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I think you are completely missing the point. I too question your ability as a moderator and furthermore, whether you are a responsible adult. You seem to be putting words into my mouth, In fact, I am extremely disheartened by your argument towards me.  


I have not said 'do not take drugs'. I have however said, that they should be a last resort. If Johnny Q is freaked out and contemplating suicide; drug use is an option. You seem to be missing the fact that these drugs often make things worse, fact.


I hope that some people can see the value in my posts.

You have turned someone's question about what people do to feel less depressed/ sad and people's answers to that question (including answers that sometimes medication is needed,), into your own agenda.

humanDecency - I hope you are able to get a few ideas from the posters that have tried to help you and are feeling better.



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Back to the original post ... I'd get on top of the vitamin deficiencies.

I say this because B12 deficiencies seem to get worse when you are prepping for something big, adding stress and activity. And B12 definitely can affect your mood. 

B12 stores in the body are drawn upon when needed, and additional physical activity or being under stress would both draw on those stores. So if you are already a little low on B12, having to prepare for something big could take you down even lower. (If B12 is a problem for you, note that the range accepted as "normal" in some countries is too low. I'm in the U.S. and the accepted range here is 200-1100. But you can have symptoms if your levels are below 400. Japan uses 500 for their low number. My goal is to get and keep mine up above 700 or a little higher.)

I don't know if other vitamins work similarly in the body as I'm only paying attention to those that are problematic for me. Though anxiety wasn't one of the things I experienced from my B12 deficiency, I did notice that if I had recently taken my supplement (sublingual), my energy levels and zeal for life improved, and I had more tolerance for the everyday stresses of life rather than have the little things irritate me.

I know you said you don't like taking meds. I hear you. I wouldn't take even a vitamin supplement if it weren't needed. But I am trying to get past those reservations in order to get my health back in shape. And I try to focus on those that I'm actually deficient in rather than a multi-vitamin.

And yeah, I've been focusing on vitamin deficiencies a lot lately, so I may also just be in a phase where I think that they are the cause of all problems because they were causing all of MY problems (laughing at myself as I type). But I know from personal experience that some of the vitamin deficiencies that are common in those with celiac can cause fatigue, abdominal pain, and affect mood, and those symptoms seem to be recurrent themes amongst those of us who are already gluten free but still having problems.

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Exercise is the best medicine for me. I had a very bad neurological response to anxiety/depression meds so I stay away from medicinal treatment. I control mine through diet, exercise, and natural light.

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