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Getting Too Comfortable

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I usually don't drink bottled water anyway , and I don't like flavored bottled water because it has artificial sweetener in it that I am allergic to. So I stay away from it. I can tolerate it some but I prefer not to. I usually drink our well water. Now when I go to a friends house thats all they use is bottled water. I do have tea over there with their bottled water but have never had an issue. And If I did I'd blame it on the tea , I am not sure that is 100% gluten free .. Maby I will look that up. 

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luvs2eat , My last straw to the Dr. was from a hot dog bun with chili on it!! I am not so trusting with hotdog buns at this time lol ... But I am not all that comfortable yet , I still read the labels :) 

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