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     Is there anyone who has found something that will work to help anxiety without irritating the system? I only have one herb that helps and that is St Johns Wort. All other antidepressants just start to work when they start to make me sick. Some times during a good stretch I look back and go wow, I was really paranoid, stressed or anxious for no reason. By nature I am more outgoing than I act and sometimes I just wonder if I am missing out on a higher quality of life due to ignorance. My gastrointerologists say they do not understand medicines enough to know what will work and of course doctors who understand medicines enough to "help" me do not understand the workings of Celiac. Any help is greatly appreciated!







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To combat the bouts of anxiety that I'd had when I was hyper thyroid, anemia, perimenopause, undiagnosed celiac disease and then the months of slowly healing, I relied on exercise and learning to say, "No!".  That meant cutting back on work assignments (or at least not volunteering for more), almost completely eliminating any volunteer work at school and letting housework and home projects slide.  I did keep up with helping my daughter with homework, but that was it! 


I "MILKED" my celiac disease and thyroid swings to the max for the first time in my life.  And it was so worth it.  I needed time to de-stress and it helped prevent or reduce my anxiety levels.  


Thyroid's is good for now.  Anemia completely resolved (at least the iron one) and I am almost officially in menopause!  


Sorry, I can't help you with med recommendations.  I try to stay away from them since I'm always the one who gets all the major side effects printed on the safety sheet.  


Good luck!

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