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My Doc Is Going To Test Me For Food Allergies.....

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I told him about the reaction I'm having to dairy and like many of you suggested he thinks it could be an allergy vs just intolerance. He's going to run blood tests on a few of my foods I'm reacting to.

Question, do I have to continue eating these foods for the tests to be accurate? He's going to test wheat as well.

The cool thing about this forum is when your advice is verified by my dr! I never thought I could actually have an allergy to milk but I am highly atopic to many environmental triggers so I wouldn't be surprised. My mother is allergic to strawberries and had an anaphalaxic reaction to them, allergies run in my family. You guys mentioned it right away!

So thanks for all the support and advice!

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This is the most recent (I believe). It talks about when to test and so on.

Stephanie posted this in another thread. It's a very good idea to read it before your allergy testing. It's from National Institute of Health so its a very reliable source for info. Might be more reliable than some allergy docs.

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