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Gluten Free Ground Turkey Without Natural Flavoring?

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I can not ( for what ever reason ) eat Jenno products .

I use Perdue ground turkey . Yes it also list rosemary on the label but I have had no problems with the Perdue ground turkey

Gluten free Oct/09
Soy free Nov/10


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I just found this thread and wanted to share what Hormel told me in email regarding the rosemary extract in the jennie-o ground turkey...


JENNIE-O® All Natural Ground Turkey and Turkey Burgers contain rosemary extract in the natural flavoring.  The carrier is refined soybean oil. 

An important part of the care of turkeys is proper nutrition and health.  The feed Jennie-O Turkey Store is formulated by turkey nutritionists and contains wholesome ingredients like corn and soybean meal in addition to meat and bone meal, vitamins and minerals. This combination of ingredients provides feed that assures the turkeys grow healthy and strong.

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