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Fiber-Rich Breakfast Challenge (Limited Ingredients)

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Hi guys, apologies if it seems like this topic has been done to death, but I've had trouble finding answers that are workable for me where I live. Most of the helpful suggestions out there include either processed foods, or ingredients I can't get where I live (and nope, internet ordering isn't an option either.) I eat plenty of protein, but I'm really struggling to get enough fiber, particularly at breakfast. I usually eat an omelette with veggies in it or leftovers of some chicken and veg based dish. Does anyone have ideas for breakfast recipes I can make that don't involve any processed products and can be made with some of the following ingredients?


What's available: Eggs, Milk, all kinds of cheeses, buckwheat flour, millet couscous, millet flour, cowpea flour, corn flour, tapioca flour, gram flour, rice, mung bean noodles, rice wrappers, many kinds of beans and lentils (some dry, some canned), peanut butter, zucchini, spinach, eggplant, green peppers, cucumbers, onions, apples, bananas, mangos, chicken, meat, and seafood, raisins, raw almonds, cashews, and peanuts, protein powder, coconut flakes, flaxseed meal (until it runs out, I brought one bag from the states), frozen brocolli, frozen peas and green beans, fresh coriander and parsley, baking soda


Not available: any processed gluten-free products, kale, chard, safe quinoa, other nut butters, corn tortillas, masa harina, coconut flour, berries (very rarely), gluten-free baking powder, cream of tartar


I'd love any suggestions from you creative cooks out there. There must be plenty of good, high fiber things I could make with the flours that are available or with beans. I've never made bread, pancakes, waffles, or tortillas before, so it would be a new experience, but I'm very willing to try if you have any good ideas of recipes.


Thanks in advance!


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Do you have a way to grind those almonds up?  This website makes a lot of things with almond flour.


I made something like this but I know I didn't use coconut oil and you can change the nuts around or the sugar but the liquid in honey or agave helps hold the bars together. 




Really, you can eat whatever you want for breakfast.  Sometimes I just eat left over from dinner.


Maybe a type of granola with the raisins, coconut and nuts?


What do people eat where you live?  Maybe you could adapt some of those foods to your taste?


This is a basic peanut butter cookie recipe you could add extra nuts or raisins to. I'm assuming you can get sugar?


The basic recipe is 1/2 cup brn sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

1 cup PB 1 egg

1 teasp vanilla


You can make it with 1 cup of whatever type of sugar they have there and no vanilla and they are still pretty good.  Add a bunch of extra nuts or maybe the coconut?


You could try to make pancakes with buckwheat flour.  Whip up the egg and add to it gently and that might help with the no baking soda. Maybe use baking powder? They might be a bit flat but could be tasty.



I wonder if cowpea flour is similar to chick pea flour?  That is used in lots of things or mixes with other flours.  Maybe search for recipes with chick  pea flour?

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Thanks for the ideas, Kareng. We do have sugar, but no gluten-free granola, seeds, or coconut oil. I also don't have a food processor, but I think I may have to get one next time in the U.S. at the new year. In the meantime, maybe I could try making almond flour in a large wooden mortar and pestle. I wonder if it's possible to make some version of those bars without a food processor. Man, I wanted to learn to cook and have been making progress, but this is a steep learning curve when everything has to be made from scratch!


I'll definitely try making buckwheat pancakes with just baking soda. As long as they are tasty, I don't mind if the presentation isn't perfect. This recipe looks good, if anyone else is interested: (http://cookieandkate.com/2013/buckwheat-pancakes/).


You had a good point about considering what people here eat for breakfast. In the city, it's mainly baguettes with butter, tuna, or a cheap chocolate spread. But in rural areas, they often make a type of millet ball porridge. They make it with tons of sugar, but I could use honey instead as a sweetener. You've inspired me to ask around for recipes for this.


Thanks again!

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, but no gluten-free granola,






I meant make your own version. Maybe granola isn't the right name..   Use your nuts, coconut flake, dried fruits (might want to look up drying fruits), etc. 


 I made that bar with a different oil.  Take some basic recipes and use what you have.  Don't look at recipes so literally.... think of substitutions.  Like it says to use walnuts - I have cashews.  I have honey not agave. 


Do they grow pumpkins there?  You might be able to get seeds and cook them in the oven.  Maybe someone could send you sunflower seeds for planting?  I'm not sure what the climate is or if you have any yard or space for window pots.  You might see if you could get seed for a couple of herbs to grow in pots.


I would mush up the almonds as much as possible and give the bars a try.  They aren't a lot of "cake" to them so if the almonds aren't really fine, I think they might taste good.  You may have to experiment.  They may need a little extra something to make them stick if the almond flour isn't very fine.  Maybe an egg?  A bit of another flour you have?

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