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The Spleen In Tcm And Wheat Gluten

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This is so interesting.  I was recently glutened very badly and three weeks later was treated for spleen deficiency by my acupuncturist.  I just looked up what the spleen is in Traditional Chinese Medicine as often it isn't related to the actual organ but to an energy system in the body - in this case it is tied to the stomach in the digestive process.  http://www.chinesemedicineliving.com/blog/medicine/organs/the-spleen/  I thought it made a lot of sense.  This system governs clarity of thought, and the foods at the top of the list that are damaging to the spleen are Wheat and Dairy.  I was really pleased to be able to make a connection here with my treatment and the direct effects of gluten on my body.  Interestingly I've been eating a lot of bananas too, which might have added to my discomfort.  I already know I can't eat raw or processed foods.


Would be interested in hearing if any of you have had similar findings.

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