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Chickpea Banana Loaf

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I made this up and have been sending it for school lunches.


1 cup of chickpea flour (I used the Four Leaf organic one)

1 cup of Orgran SR flour

3 overripe regular sized bananas

1/2 cup canola oil

1/2 cup of water


Mash the banana to almost a puree with some lumps in it.  In another bowl mix the 2 flours together then add oil and water.  Once this is mixed to playdough consistency, add banana and mix well.  I used a mini loaf pan, which made them about muffin sized, it made 12.  Put them in a pre-heated over at 160C (fan forced) for 20 minutes.  Best eaten warm.


I don't know how to add a photo :(

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