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Vitamins In Liquid Form

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I used to get this for a relative who had pill swallowing issues, the Walgreens brand liquid multivitamin.  On the website it says no gluten, but is only available in stores.  At the recommended dose of 15mL (3 tsp) a day, it will last 16 days.



He had problems with gagging on things if they tasted bad so I assume this wasn't bad tasting, as he didn't have any issues.  


It is worth a try with different forms of vitamins if the kind you are using isn't working out.  Especially with absorption issues, I'd say use whatever works for you personally.  The only downside to the liquid vitamins is that they can get expensive especially if you are taking large doses.  Pre diagnosis I was anemic although I already took a multivitamin with iron in it.  I started over the counter iron supplements at that time, and right now my iron is normal.  Maybe later I will go off the iron supplement to see if it was an absorption issue like the GI doctor suspected, it would be nice to take one less pill each day, haha.

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TY LauraTX I will def look into it!! :) 

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