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Walmart Now Has Bales Of Hay?

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He sent me a picture and this is what it shows  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Wheat_close-up.JPG



Are you saying THIS is the actual picture of the bales of hay he saw at Walmart?

That he took this picture?....because this picture is from wikipedia, hon.

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Well if it is wheat straw, thats what it is.... STRAW. They take the seeds off!!!!  The plant is all that is left to make the straw. There is not a bunch of seeds all over. The seeds are taken off ... The Straw is used for bedding purposes and for decorating around fall.  It is a pretty bad farmer who leaves seeds on the stalk. They harvest the seeds and then make the straw for bedding. 

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And daisy..for someone with so few posts you sure seem to know my posts pretty well.

I do too. I seldom post, but read every day. Registering let me have the board remember what I had read and what I had not. And even before I registered, I was reading and reading here. Anyone can see what you post.

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