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d martini

Itchy Eyes From Gluten?

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Has anyone else experienced swollen, itchy eyes after coming in contact with gluten? So painful! and so fatigued!!


I've only been gluten free for three weeks when I got celiac confirmed and have been so careful with my diet since then!  I have no idea what I ate or even touched maybe?


I've ruled out normal allergies because I also have a painful sore under my tongue which I read others have as well when consuming gluten accidentally... :(


This is SO new to me, and SO frustrating that even a few weeks ago my reactions were'nt this bad, only stomach bloating. :angry:


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I tested positive in the Celiac blood screen and subsequent biopsy .


My eyes have felt gritty, itchy, bloodshot and swollen for the duration of the 9 months I have been gluten free. Although some time worse than others, when really bad I am extremely sensitive to sunlight. 


Follow up blood work at 3 and 6 months showed a negative result (DEAM Glidiin Peptide, GA) for ingesting gluten. Still having the discomfort with my  eyes . I reviewed the food journal I had been keeping. I thourghly recommend this practice ( I was not very diligent in the beginning). I realized the intensity of the symptoms increased the night of and morning after I ate tomatoes ( tomato sauce etc.), and sweet green peppers, and  potatoes although not to the same degree. Avoiding these foods has helped immeasurable. Soy now gives me a headache and gastro symptoms similar to gluten ingestion.


Naturally in the beginning every symptom gets blamed on gluten. Your eye problem may be related to gluten or other physiological changes since going gluten free.  The process is counter intuitive in the beginning, you would think by removing what has been making your body sick . Your body would settle down however in my experience more issues became apparent.


You doubtable will figure this out and feel better for your efforts.

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this is a really interesting thread for me.


ive been having trouble with my eyes for over 4 years now. it started with what i thought was recurrent conjunctivitis. then one day my eyes were completely dark red and i went to the walk in center . the doc there sent me straight to the eye hospital. went there 4 or 5 times and they didnt really know what it was, had loads of antibiotics and steroids. in the end a woman doctor told me to stop wearing makeup.


i didnt go back after that.stupid i know coz they,ve been dry itchy and blood shot ever since. i knew it was something i was eating but never narrowed it down,thought maybe it was dairy. never thought of the nightshade veg (peppers,potato,s, toms ect)  ive been kinda avoiding them coz  i think potato,s cause my joint pain and toms and peppers make my face rash flare up. ive finally got my derm appointment through ,i go next week and im goin back to the eye hospital within the next month. hopefully i,ll get some answers this time


martini- have you thought about makeup if you use it. or your facewash ,shampoo ect. there have been many discussions (arguments) lol on here abt how careful you have to be with the avoidance of gluten. it depends on sensitive you are i think. when i first had problems i bought new mascara and eye pencil to see if they were causing infections.and stopped lying under the bathwater with loads of bubbles in it. just realized  im assuming you are female coz your called martini  :) but the same thing goes for man stuff too.

i changed my makeup to gluten free - it hasnt made a blind bit of difference to the face rash -back to the drawing board!!

i second what tbolt said about the food diary - i never started one and regret it. if i dont get any answers from these appointments i,ll have to start one.

good luck in finding out what it is. 

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IS it your actual eyeballs or your eyelids. I have had swollen itchy wellies with flakes for years. I was hoping it would go away on a Low FODMAP gluten free while food diet, but seems worse. I find that a warm compress 4x a day helps soooo much. Any idea what moisturiser or oil o should use to rehydrate? I can’t seem to find anything that doesn’t irritate me. I wish you luck finding the source of your eye issues. Do you work on a computer? If you do remember to blink often. 

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