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Got Cramps After Chips?

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I've been off gluten for 5 or so days now, which I've noticed I haven't had any bad symptoms during this time, but I decided to buy sea salt chips as I knew they were gluten free. The ingredients where potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt. 5 mins later I had quite painful cramps, abdominal pain.

Any ideas why this happened? I just find it odd as the chips had no bad ingredients that would set this discomfort.

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This early in just about anything is likely to set you off. Think of it this way: Your gut has something similar to "road rash". When you have road rash, everything stings, whether it be soaps or lotions or even the wind blowing on your tender skin.


The best thing would be to stil to "gentle" whole foods for right now. Plain meats, potatoes. fruits and veggies. You may even find some of those things set you off. When you have found a fairly balanced diet that doesn't make you sick, just stick to those foods for a while. Within a few weeks you will probably be able to add most stuff back. Keep a food diary and you'll be able to avoid the stuff that bothers you. Then add back one food every three or four days.

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