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Gluten Exasperates Mental Health Issues

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I have Celiac, and when accidently glutened (CC only), I sometimes get "immediate" severe depression and suicidal thoughts. I get completely whacked out for the night. I don't think the TV is talking to me tongue.gif , but my perception is altered. This goes away the next day, and seems to get better after I get sick and get it "out of my system". I had panic attacks prior to Dx, which cleared right after going gluten free.

Especially if you have GI symtpoms, get tested.

I have full blown celiac disease and I have been treated for everything from ADHD to type 2 bipolar and none of the mood stabilizing drugs work. The grain is stronger and I become Dr Jekyll and mr hide. It's like I know what's going on but I can't stop my tongue. It seems to settle after a few days but the ppl around tend to be in a shock cuz they didn't see it coming either. This isn't a fun disease . If u make it thru the mental part u always got your rashes and aches that hurt the strongest of men .

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Are you completely gluten free?  It sounds like you might still occasionally eat gluten.  If I have interpreted that wrong then I apologize. 


I also deal with Mental Health issues.  After I went completely gluten free, the symptoms greatly reduced and I was able to eliminate many medications. 


All the best.



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