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Can Anyone Relate To These Symptoms After Eating Gluten On The gluten-free Diet

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Just wondering if anyone recognises these symptoms after being gluttened when on a gluten-free diet.


I do get more symptoms but just want to focus on a few to see if they are typical of gluten etc. Thanks for any help in understanding this in advance.


OK i had three weeks off and then ate a mcdonalds burger which is very bad I know but I am still kinda not 100% convinced that it is gluten hence the experimentation.


OK these are the symptoms after Gluten that not had for a few weeks.


A very sharp stabbing pain in the lower right of the stomach a few inches below the belly button, only lasts a matter of seconds and comes in waves, as soon as i take ibroprufen it dissapears as fast as it came, there is usually a second and sometimes a third wave and then it seems to go completely. It is a very nasty pain that makes me yelp like someone is turning jagged glass inside your stomach or a shabbing sensation, like a say it last literally seconds at a time.


The next thing is a really foggy head, feels like in a dream state and been drinking and have a hangover and feel dehydrated.


And finally I get really bad wind, and my farts smell like rotten eggs, really disgusting smell that can clear a room like the fart bombs they used to sell at joke shops.


Does this sound familiar and has anyone else had this or do people think it could be something else.


I also have other symptoms but wanted to focus on these as they are the main things, also dandruff constant and headaches, tiredness etc.


Thanks Mark



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Hi Mark,


Gall bladder issues generally react when eating greasy foods.  SO if you want to eliminate that possibility, instead of a burger on a bun, just eat some bread.  Or, just eat a burger with no bread.  Actually it would be better to try the burger with no bread first.


Pain can definitely be a symptom of celiac disease.

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