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Mama Marys gluten-free Pizza Crust

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So, Mama marys pizza crusts are those shelf stable ones in the pasta aisle, similar to boboli, etc. Last time I was at my grocery store, HEB (a texas chain), I was looking under them at the jarred pizza sauces and I saw this:




It says it is a new product and with the new FDA guidelines rolling out next year I want to believe this is safe to eat, but I hesitated and did not purchase.  The ingredients list looks good, but there is no statement on the package regarding any type of testing, certification, or dedicated facility.  I wrote them over a week ago asking some specific questions and they have not gotten back to me. 


So, has anyone tried this?  According to their website it is also at Publix (SE united states).  I don't recall what price they were selling it at, but the expiration date was about 4 weeks out so I see this maybe having the same problem as anything else that is not frozen- they may not sell before they go out of date and then every time I go I will find expired ones.  But I am jumping ahead of myself. Because this is not from a company I am already familiar with and trust their practices, I need more information before I eat this.  At least for me, I go by "When in doubt, don't put it in the mouth."

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