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Hello friends!


I've just adopted a gluten-free diet at the advice of my doctor in order to help with IBS-type symptoms.  I had not been eating much gluten before, but he encouraged me to go 100% off.  I've not had any official celiac testing, but I know that gluten exacerbates my issues (joint pain, eczema, diarrhea, migraine headaches, etc.) 


It's been about three weeks.  At first, I noticed a major improvement.  But this week I've had a few days of digestive complaints.  I imagine that if I have some kind of intestinal damage, it might take time to heal. 


Can you give me some idea of how long it took for some of you to have remission of symptoms, especially digestive symptoms?  What can I do to help my intestines heal?


Thank you for your help! 

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It can take several weeks to three years depending on how badly your intestinal tract was damaged.  


It was a shame that he didn't run a Celiac blood panel.  I'm officially diagnosed (blood test and biopsy) but my husband was not.  He too, went off gluten at the advice of his doctor 12 years ago.  He's doing great, but it was hard getting support from family and friends compared to when I was diagnosed.  It also made it much easier for me to adhere to the diet.  I had proof of damage, along with anemia, thyroid issues, and osteopenia (vertebrae fracture last June).  


Best wishes and welcome to the board!

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Welcome Elena,


If you have a gluten problem, it will take less time to get better on the gluten free diet than off.


How long were you sick?

How nutritious is your food?

Do you know where to look for gluten?

Do you take supplements?

Do you have other intolerances?

Are you willing to stick to the gluten free diet 100%?

Do you share your kitchen, and if so will people watch out for you?

Are you committed to get well regardless of social pressure and obstacles?


The answers to these questions will help determine if and when you will get better.  You asked about healing the gut.  First off avoid gluten.  I also think one should take digestive enzymes and probiotics.  I used an IGG product to help heal my gut and it seemed to help me.  Also try to discover all of your intolerances and stop eating them, for a while, to give your body a break.  Don't cut out everything or more than you have to.  You can use a food diary, food elimination plan, or rotational diet to try to figure this out.  For now you may just want to give it more time to heal.


I once tried to get rid of my eczema by cutting out everything but peanut butter and rice cakes.  Now, I know that I don't tolerate either of those!  The eczema got worse.


I had symptoms over 30 years.  I am currently 18 months gluten free and am feeling much better.  Your on the path, keep walking.



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Thank you so much for your responses!  I'm absolutely committed to being 100% gluten-free.  I only share my kitchen with my boyfriend, and he knows how serious this is.  As far as seeking out hidden gluten, I think I'm pretty good at it, as I've had to seek out hidden MSG for so long in order to avoid migraines.  I know most of the sneaky names they use to mask ingredients.  Anyway, we do most of our own cooking from scratch anyway. 


At first I had what I assume were detox symptoms:  nausea, hangover-type headaches, severe crankiness!  I'm happy to say that's all passed.  I wonder if some of my continuing digestive symptoms might be detox as well. 


I think I eat a very nutritious diet in general:  lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, soaked non-gluten grains (rice, quinoa, millet), meat/fish/poultry, soaked nuts, eggs.  I don't eat much cheese because it doesn't agree with me, but I do eat organic goat's milk yogurt.  I get acupuncture regularly and the acupuncturist is really helpful for suggesting specific foods that are especially healing and nourishing. 


As I said, I've only been fully gluten-free for about three weeks, so I'm looking forward to seeing more and more improvement! 

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