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I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and have only been gluten-free for just over a month.  I've been bugging my sister to get tested and to also get her kids tested.  She's a nurse and did some research on a database that she has access to through the hospital she works for and she sent me a very comprehensive report.  The only part that was new to me was the mention of "nonresponsive celiac disease" and "refractory celiac disease".  In short, there is a small percentage of people for whom symptoms do not improve with a gluten-free diet.


Anyhow... while they don't really know the cause(s), one potential cause is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestine.


As soon as I read that I had a little "ah ha" moment that I just wanted to share in case it may help someone out there.  Back when I was in college, I was having some issues and had a stool test done by a nutritionist.  They found I had a huge overgrowth of bad bacteria.  I don't remember the specific test but I remember the acceptable number was "under 200" and my number was at 12,000.  (no, that's not a typo - 12 thousand).  The nutritionist had me start taking Colosan.


Colosan is a magnesium oxide powder that is designed to breakdown in the intestinal tract, so that the magnesium molecules separate from the oxygen molecules.  The oxygen actually kills the bad bacteria, because the bad bacteria is anaerobic.  At the same time, the oxygen feeds the good bacteria.  It's a win-win without having to go the antibiotic route.  The magnesium also relieves constipation without creating diarhea (as long as you don't take too much at once).


It took me about 6 months of using Colosan daily to get my bad bacteria count back down under 200.  But the stuff really works great.


You can find it at www.healthsprings.net.

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