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Does Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Smell Funny To You?

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I think this is the third bag I've tried and they always smell fine until I actually mix them into a batter (cookies, pies, etc). Then it smells funny. I can't put my finger on the smell. I'm wondering if it's the garbanzo beans? Or do I keep getting bad bags? I always store in the freezer and this bag says exp 4/2014 but my aunt brought it for me so idk how it was stored at her house. Most likely in the pantry. I just added it to cookie dough and now I'm not sure if I should eat the cookies?

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It's okay.  It's the beans.  I used this flour when I first started making gluten-free stuff for my husband 12 years ago.  He only asked for apple raisin spiced cupcakes and all the spices pretty much masked the bean flour.  Now I use a few other flour blends (all-purpose) and mix in a portion of bean flour since I bought a ton of it (I store it in one of my freezers).  If you too much rice flour, it's too gritty.  Someday, I'll blend my own flours based on the needs of the recipe, but I'm not there yet!

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