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Which Digestive Enzymes Should I Take?

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There seem to be a ton of digestive enzymes brands out there - how do I know which ones are good? I know Digest Gold was mentioned in the Newbie 101 thread, but it's over $50 and I'd like to find something cheaper.



I have used several kinds successfully.  My practitioner recommended Similase Gluten-free Casein-free for me.  It worked well.  Later, I desired enzymes without a capsule.  I have been using Genuine N Zimes Dr. Howell"s Original Formula Extra Strength.  I order this from Azure Standard.  The canister is about $20  and has lasted about 4 months.  It is working for me.  I also have used brand I purchased at a natural food store successfully.  I don't think you need to spend 50 on it.  You do want a quality product though.

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You're probably going to get a dozen different answers, but these are the ones I use: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/nature-plus-acti-zyme-180-capsules/nt-1988

They're by Nature's Plus, which is a very reputable brand and they work really well for me.


From the label:


Product Label


Activated Digestive Aid
Live Food Enzyme Supplement
With FOS and Bioperine®
Vegetarian Capsules
Gluten Free
Nutritional Support for Healthy Digestion and Overall Well-Being.*
ACTI-ZYME is a revolutionary formula that addresses three important areas of digestion - enzyme activity, probiotic balance and nutrient bioavailability.
Each fast-acting capsule supplies live food enzymes, lactic flora growth accelerants and bioavailability-enhancing phytonutrients. ACTI-ZYME is a premier formulation that allows for the efficient digestion of food, maintenance of a healthy intestinal environment and maximum absorption of liberated nutrients.

  • Free from artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Free from the common allergens yeast, wheat, soy and milk.


Take two capsules immediately before or after a meal.

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