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Trokendi Xr Gluten Free?

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I have been Gluten free for over a year and a half.  I have found that I am super sensative to gluten, even to medications.  The tiniest little pill can make me throw up within an hour of taking it.  The more I have the worse I get, then diarrhia for days, and a 3 - 4 day migraine.  


About 2 weeks ago, my doctor switched me from topamax to trokendi xr, the new extended release (for migrianes).  The very first day I was bloated and throwing up.  I thought maybe it was a side effect of the new medicine until a couple days later when my migraines were worse and I was throwing up several times a day.  My husband was the one who pointed out that it seemed like a glutening.  I checked eventhing I had eaten, then my skin products, chapstick, shampoo, eventhing.  I am hypervigilent.  Only the Trokendi XR was different.  I tried calling the company, but of course they are only open when I'm at work. 


There is basically no info on this medicine on the internet because it is so new.  I have done a search of the inactive ingredients and a couple could be questionable.  Has anyone else tried this medication?  I will be stopping it anyway, but I thought it might be good to open dialogue about it for people in the future. 

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I think you are either going to have to just call them on a break or lunch, or switch back. Whether the reaction is to gluten or something else, you obviously aren't tolerating the medication for one reason or another and I honestly doubt the reason matters. If you were doing well on topamax, I don't see the point in switching to an extended release beyond pharmaceutical company kickbacks. If you aren't doing well on it, there are other solutions.

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