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Gluten Intolerance Symptoms / Italy

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Hello All,


I have just joined the community, I'm in need of help.


I'm a 39 year old woman, who, over the years, developed the following symptoms;


1) exstasistolic beats

2) anxiety

3) aura migraines (without a headache, a ecography of the heart with "bubbles", with the probe inserted as if it were to be a gastroscopy, showed no signs of a PFO, no signs in a cat scan)

4) tendency to gain weight

5) tendency to retain fluids (mostly in my legs)

6) bloating

7) extreme tiredness after a meal with gluten (I fall asleep)

8) a rash on my fingers, compatible, I would say, with DH (could not find the pictures here to give you a more detailed reference). I start "feeling" little bumps. Then comes the itching. The redness and dry skin, which breaks. Then the bumps get filled with a transparen liquid (the itching is absurd at this point). Then the blisters develop a tiny dark mark on top. Then they "might" become red and paniful (very). Creams are of little help. Then they disappear for a few days (but I sitll feel the bumps ready to burst if I touch my fingers).


The most scary part, the part I think I need help with is number

9) I CRAVE gluten. Bread, toasts. It's crazy, it almost sounds as an addiction.


At some point my GP told me to eat without gluten for 15 days. The second day I was a new woman. 80% extrasystolic beats less. No anxiety. I lost 10 Kgs in 15 days.


Then, stupidly enough, I went to a Chinese restaurant to eat what I thought would be gluten free meals. 15 minutes later I had heartbeats like crazy, and a very bad anxiety attack. At that point I figured out (stupid me) that I did not have gluten intolerance. I've just discovered that the Chinese food prepared in Italian restaurants is FULL of gluten. Soy sauce is basically liquid grain.



Thus, I am about to start all over again. I've read some of your messages indicating that in the US you perform a biopsy near the blisters (never heard of such a thing in Italy) and my GP indicated that tests are not reliable.


I would love to hear from you. At this very moment I feel like a drug addict in need of a piece of bread. I think that what I need the most is sharing, communicating and as much helpful material as I can get.


I would so much appreciate your insights and help on reliable material to overcome the difficult time I'm going through. Hard for me to imagine a life without bread. The local gluten free bread has a taste that would go well for an unfortunate chicken.


Thank you in advance for the suggestions and help.


Have a sunny day :)

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