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Just Thought I'd Update On Dairy Queen

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I did talk to a manager at Dairy Queen. She was quite concerned that we ended up with a non-gluten free cake when we were trying to get a gluten free cake. Between the two of us though, we did figure out that the cake that we had gotten was indeed gluten free. Apparently they have a general label that they put on ALL of their cakes (gluten free or not) telling what ingredients could be in there.


We even discovered that we were looking at two different labels. There's a label on the cover of the cake that is part of the DQ label that said the cake contained milk, soy and wheat and then there is a more indepth label that shows the "full" ingredient label that is either on the side of the cake or the bottom of the cake. She was looking at that one and I was looking at the top one.


From the sounds of things she was nearly as distraught about the whole thing as I was. We were both very relieved to figure out that my cake was gluten free. She said she is going to talk to whoever she needs to talk to about changing the way they label the cakes, at least the gluten free ones, because of how confusing it was.


She did send us a $10 gift card to treat the family to any of their gluten free products and is very happy that we can continue keeping our little guys health on track. She was so worried he was sick. It's nice to have someone concerned and not treating me like I'm overreacting. Hopefully she does work on getting those labels changed....it would be a tremendous help. I've never read a more confusing label. I don't understand how they can even continue using those labels!

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I found the story, It was under "He's finally starting to grow"


How easy was it to find the gluten free cake at Dairy Queen?  Was it made special?  Is it a private franchise decision?  Give me more information, because seriously I haven't been able to have many birthday cakes that I have not made.  (That goes for my birthday too.)

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Sorry about that Mommida!


From what I understand, you can special order birthday cakes there (they ask that you do so they can ensure it's gluten free)....the cake I spoke of...my mother in law just went and asked and they just happened to have one.


I *think* all they really have to do is replace that cookie crunch in the center with one of their gluten free candy selections or you can have fudge or something like that to replace the cookie crunch part.


You should be able to just call or stop in and order a cake. I'm fairly certain it's across the board (I'm in Wisconsin) and we're usually a little behind on things like this, especially in my area. :)


I was pretty happy to find out they have gluten free ice cream cakes.....my 6 year old was over the moon....which is what caused the panic when we looked at the label! Who wants to stop an ecstatic child half way through a treat like that?!


Of course....after all that...I think he glutened himself today by grabbing a piece of fruit off his cousin's plate that was touching a dinner roll that wasn't gluten free. :(

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