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Yeast Free Bread

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Please excuse me if this topic has been covered before ...


Can you recommend a yeast free - corn free - gluten free bread recipe? Feel free to refer me to a particular cookbook - I have a bunch and also have a great local library.


So far I have tried:

* Celeste's Best cookbook (wonderful when it works, but not very consistent)

* Essential Gluten Free Baking by Brittany Angel (dense, odd flavor)


I'd like to try the ones in Gluten Free on a Shoestring Quick & Easy, but am having trouble locating safe versions of the ingredients. So, WIP on that.


What else is out there?

Also, are there any premade products that fit my description? (I've tried Chebe mixes and they are pretty good.)


Thanks in advance...

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If you want a grain free bread try going to elanaspantry dot com. I believe she has a couple of grain free bread recipes I tried the more simple one of the two she had at the time and it was pretty good. A nice flavor, but it was more of a quick bread texture - though not quite as crumbly, and was made with almond flour.


I've tried some of the coconut bread recipes out there on the net and a lot of them are good, but you really can't think of them like yeast breads.


Don't know if it's something you would be interested in, but the best bread by far that I have had since going gluten free is Sourdough bread made with natural/wild yeast. There is an art to learning it, but it is so much more digestible and it tastes the closest to what you think of bread tasting like before going gluten free. Here's the link to the first recipe I tried: http://www.artofglutenfreebaking.com/2010/10/sourdough-bread-boule-gluten-free/


I made my starter with some water kefir in place of a couple of tablespoons of water. I also have made a good starter for sourdough with milk kefir which you can buy at most healthfood stores.


Hope you find something good!

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25 minutes ago, monica b said:

This is an older post, but I have the same question.... any luck with gluten and yeast free recipes for bread/flatbread/pizza crust/other ....?

I posted a recipe for bread/flatbread/pizza crust in the recipe section, I also have vegan garlic knots, and cheesy biscuit recipes there that are grain and yeast free. Julian Bakery makes a grain free and yeast free bread loafs, Coconut, almond, seed, rasein, etc. Califlour foods makes yeast free cauliflower pizza crust many options. I myself can not stomach the stuff.

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