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Corn Is Like Getting Glultened?

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Hey, all!


I was just reading another thread where one poster said "corn is like getting glutened." I didn't want to hijack that post so I thought I'd ask here.


Is this true for many people? Is a corn reaction like a gluten reaction? I have cut out gluten and dairy but I haven't cut out corn. Are a lot of gluten intolerant people also corn intolerant?


If so, it's not a big deal, I'm willing to remove corn if it's going to hurt me. I am at the point of being willing to do anything to feel better.

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I would say that most celiacs  are not corn-intolerant.

But many celiacs DO have other food intolerances that include corn, dairy, soy for example.

Corn cannot damage the villi like gluten can-- if that is what you are worried about.

I was intolerant of dairy and soy and MSG for a long time and I have an intolerance for high histamine foods.

Still can't do MSG, chemicals, food dyes in products, that sort of thing (which is fine, since those are not good for me anyway)

and I have to balance how many HH foods I eat to avoid symptoms,

but many times, food intolerances turn out to be temporary until the gut heals.

Do not worry about what you may have in addition to gluten intolerance just yet.

See how it goes.

If you are feeling better right now, then it may not be an issue for you at all..

From your sig line, I see you have experience with elimination diets. You could always take corn out for a bit, resume it and see

what happens. For me, that form of experimenting was always the ultimate test.

Best wishes!

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