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Marich Brand Chocolate Cherries

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Hi All,


 A gift basket was delivered to our office that was filled with Marich brand chocolate covered cherries. I thought they might be gluten free because there was no wheat ingredients (tapioca starch instead) and no wheat declared under the "may contain" list of allergens.


Here's the response that I got from Marich's facebook.

    Are your chocolate covered cherries gluten free/celiac friendly?
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    Jose Hernandez Hello xxxxx and good morning. I have asked our quality assurance for this information and will get back to you in a few minutes. I know how important this question is. Thank you and I will follow up! 
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    Jose Hernandez Hello xxxxxx, it's me again. I just received the information from my quality assurance co-worker. She let me that although the ingredients don't originally contain gluten the chocolate cherries may pick up trace amounts of gluten because we also do chocolate biscotti, shortbread, pretzels and other gluten containing items. As a result we can't say or guarantee that any of our chocolates or candies are guaranteed to be gluten free. I am very sorry about that  . If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know.




 I just thought I'd share this with others that might think this brand is safe, but they are NOT. There is a potential for undeclared wheat. Luckily I didn't eat these even though I really wanted to try them. It looks like all their chocolate is potentially subject to cross contamination. Granted, they don't make any claims to be gluten free on their website, but I thought it was weird they went to the length to use tapioca starch.

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    Dear god yes lol, I have a corn allergy and the starch is hit miss if it triggers a reaction, but they could also be from rice, or tapioca....seriously they need to go the route of many shampoos/body washes that list the chemical/ingredient...
    since they just say "food starch" they could have made it from a cows arse for all i know. they need to just say what it comes from every time lol
    Here is the interpretation chart he sent me and yes I have 2 kids in which their pediatrician said they didn’t need to be tested unless they show symptoms which goes against everything I have read about symptoms being silent etc.... Is i...
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