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Ugh!  Another intolerance identified!  This time it is xanthan gum.  I have have used xantham gum for years in baking for my gluten-free husband.  Now that I have been diagnosed, my own consumption rate of it has increased (as I heal, I've been feeling better and have been inspired to bake).  


I confess that I eat a lot.  When cookies come out of the oven, I've been known to eat at least 10 of them within an hour!  I am a pig, even though I know moderation is best! B)  So, knowing that I won't change that lifelong behavior (and don't want to), I switched to guar gum and I have been fine. Then I made tacos two weeks ago and used gluten-free taco sauce.  I got my stabbing stomach pains within a few minutes so I ran back into the kitchen and read the taco sauce label.  Yep, it contained xanthan gum! (Oh, my gluten-free husband does not even have any issues, so I know that I'm not getting "glutened".)


Does anyone else have issues with xanthan gum?  This new intolerance really puts a damper on purchasing processes gluten-free foods which are handy to consume when you are traveling!



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Oh, so sorry to hear that!  :(   In baking it is not strictly necessary to use it but I understand what you are saying about your limitations in purchasing products that are convenient for travel.  Dumb intolerances!  :angry:

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