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Hey everyone, this is my first post about becoming gluten free, or really it's my first time ever talking about it.


I guess I'll start with the fact that I was on the verge of tears when I was reading my vegetable broth that I had bought for my dinner tonight to find that it had wheat in it. Thats when I decided I needed a little support.


It's very hard to transition in the beginning and I have had a very hard time getting any support. I constantly have to bug my sister and her boyfriend, whom I live with, about keeping things gluten free like dipping their regular chips in the entire hummus container or not eating my gluten free treats I buy. Constantly getting picked on for being "difficult" or "expensive" to buy for doesn't help either. And they constantly question whether I'm telling the truth. I'm 17 and just discovered I was gluten intolerant. I have had severe anxiety and digestive problems my entire life and finally have gotten rid of those problems (still have anxiety but not as bad). My intolerance seems to keep getting worse also. Before If I would come in contact with something with gluten in it I would get a bit of a stomach ache, bloating and such. Now I get all those problems and extreme itchiness. I break out in welts and it is awful. Ive also lost a significant amount of weight and am suspect Im becoming malnourished. Not having a lot of money to buy a bunch of gluten free things has taken a toll on me and I am also a vegetarian to top it off.

So ending the tangent, does anyone have any tips to make this easier on me and also does anyone have any idea what vitamins or supplements I should add to my diet?

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I can't imagine he difficult it would be to be changing your eating habits at age 17 while living inan unsupportive environment. Good for you for watching out for your own health. :)

In the first few months tTG I was gluten-free, I wasted money a few times on food With labes that i did not read, luckily I read the label again enforce I opened it. Misses like that happen a lt in the early months. I takes a lot of time to change shopping and eating habits. It takes months to find new brands that are good and safe.... As for soup stock, I likeGoBio Organics. :)

To keep your food separate, try buying some green painters tape and label all your food with "Gluten-free" and your name. A big colourful label might help deter them from eating or contaminating your food... I would hope. A separate shelf in the fridge and pantry might be a good idea too - preferably on an upper shef so their crumbs are less likely to fall on your food.

Don't forget to get separate condiments and baking supplies that could be contaminated. Items such sugar, baking powder and soda, corn starch, etc, might have had a flour coated spoon or measuring cup dipped into it during baking. You might want to keep separate continers of things like that.

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