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Going Gluten Free For My First Time

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well now, I am new to this. For about 3 months I have had severe allergies including welts, swollen lips, to the bloating and stomach cramps. As I have GERD, I thought it was just things I was eating that was bothering my stomach but after writing a food journal I narrowed everything down and am allergic to gluten products. My life evolved things I can not have anymore it seems. Maybe I am over exaggerating.


My wife and I went to the store and bought a few items yesterday but some part of me thinks it will taste horrible compared to what I was used to normally eating. I have been looking at everything in my house and sadly most of it has gluten even my shampoo which oddly enough I didn't think of it until I was reading about wheat products which are in products other than food online. luckily I am about 45 minutes away from Chicago which was a Whole Foods, because in my area we have a Meijer and a Walmart and a few small chain grocery


does the transition get easier?

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Have you considered getting a Celiac blood panel? It often helps to get a formal diagnosis (like me). My husband has not been formally tested and has been gluten free for 12 years. He does think that I have received much more support having the diagnosis, plus it may help someone else in our family since celiac disease is genetic.

To make the transition easier, eat whole foods like meat and veggies and eat pudding or ice cream for dessert that are naturally gluten free. Read our newbie thread for tips located under "coping".

Take care!

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Welcome to be board.

I agree with cyclinglady, you might want to consider testing for celiac disease (which is actually an autoimmune is ease and unrelated to allergies, but one can be allergic to wheat). Get tested now while your body is still reacting to Luton - you must be consuming gluten in the two to three months prior to testing in Ryder for the tests to be accurate. The tests you want are:

tTG IgA and tTG IgG



AGA IgA and AGA IgG (older less reliable tests)

Total serum IgA (control test to check for lw IgA which is found in 1/20 celiacs)

gluten-free foods ay taste... wrong for a while. The texture and taste is not the same because the flour used s not the same. I advise you not to substitute each gluten containing food for a gluten-free processed product. gluten-free processed foods are not fortified so it may be better to cut some of those foods out. Many with gluten intolerances feel better if they try to focus on whole, unprocessed foods.

After a few months, you'll find brands you like and get into the habit of checking all labels. I would guess that by Easter things will be easier for you.

Oh, some experience withdrawal after going gluten-free. When you do go gluten-free, don't be surprised if you feel a bit worse before getting better.

Good luck!

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