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Is There Gluten In Walnuts?

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    I bought a bag of walnuts from Costco. There was a label on it saying "Allergy Alert these nuts were processed on a machine that also processes wheat." I did not open the bag, but I have been eating walnuts from Bulk Barn. Do you think the Bulk Barn walnuts could contain gluten?

   Do you think the Costco walnuts are safe?

   If I rinsed the Costco walnuts then soaked them overnight do you think they would be safe?

I never considered walnuts would contain gluten. Grrrrhhhhh!




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Hi Cynthia -


It's not that the walnuts themselves would contain gluten - it is a potential cross-contamination issue.  When the company warns that a product has been processed on a machine that also processes wheat, they are simply warning the consumer of potential cross-contamination issues.  I'm not familar with "Bulk Barn" but going by the name, I'm assuming they sell their products in bulk.  If they also sell anything at all that may contain gluten, then cross-contamination is a potential issue.  People re-use the scoops and can introduce cross-contamination that way.  Or the store may re-use the bins themselves without thoroughly cleaning them first.  I don't touch anything sold in bulk because you just can't trust the store employees or the other customers who handle it.


As for rinsing them before eating them, I would think that if you washed them well it would remove any "gluten-containing-dust" that may be on them.  As another example, dried beans often have the same warning - and washing them works fine.  However, beans are smooth.  Walnuts have nooks and crannies in which the contaminates can get stuck and hide.  After further consideration I have to say I wouldn't chance it myself with the walnuts.

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Walnuts in their natural state are gluten free.  All nuts are.  I found a problem with ROASTED nuts (including walnuts)...seems they "dust" (either) the machinery, utensils (and/or) the nuts themselves with wheat flour.  I personally got very sick when I ate some Planters roasted mixed nuts over the Holidays.

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