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Gluten Withdrawal?

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I've heard of side effects of going gluten- free and was wondering how common it is. DS has a terrible headache today and am wondering whether he is reacting to something( DH fed him some KIX this morning, he thought it was gluten-free, do others react to it?) or if it is part of withdrawal symptoms. He has not had any stomach pain since last Friday( unheard of for so long!).

Right now he has no belly pain just a headache and he looks really pale, no temperature either.


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Withdrawal is not fun.  :( I found a post from 2012 when I first went gluten-free - I had a migraine that lasted almost 2 weeks. It was nasty. Extreme fatigue and moodiness was also part of my deal. Others will experience GI symptoms. It can really vary.


On the bright side, withdrawal usually last a few days to three weeks - hopefully it won't last long.


I don't know about KIX. Is that a cereal? 


Glutening symptoms will most likely continue to pop up for a few months even if he is not getting glutened. When symptoms occur, you should look into the cause, but don't be surprised if it goes on it's own and you can't find any cause.  I had some repeat symptoms (mostly arthritic like pain though) that popped up after many months gluten-free.


Hang in there!

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Yes, Kix is a cereal which is one of my son's 2 favorite ones( other one is Chex which has a gluten-free version, including the generic version from our local store).

He is feeling a bit better this evening. At least no tummy ache which is a big deal.

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