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Corn Sensitivity And Pregnancy

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Does anyone have experience to share about corn intolerance and pregnancy?


It's my first pregnancy and it's been a struggle. I am VERY sensitive to anything corn-derived and have to get my medication compounded. Being pregnant has been complicated: finding corn-free prenatals (couldn't find any, I'm taking separate vitamins), dealing with cravings on a restrictive diet, pregnancy symptoms vs "glutenings", corn in glucose tolerance test, corn in IV... 


I am the only one having to deal with this? Doctors don't seem to understand and it's frustrating.

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I am not pregnant but I stay away from corn- I test allergic and it upsets my stomach. I also have celiacs so I'm used to avoiding things.

This list is helpful: http://www-tc.pbs.org/pov/pdf/foodinc/foodinc_corn_derived_handout.pdf

You have to figure out what you CAN eat and then keep snacks with you so you don't get caught hungry and have to scramble. I make most of my own foods. I go to grocery stores like wegmans and whole foods and take my time reading through ingredients and I find what works for me and stick to it. When eating out I stick to grilled lean proteins and veggies.

I am sure corn free prenatals exist but it will take some searching through the ingredients on your part bc it isn't a common allergy. Talk to your doctor about the glucose tolerance test- there may be an alternate test you can take.

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