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Need A Recipe For Gluten Free, Dairy Free Brownies

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I'm cooking dinner for friends next week. Needs to fit my vegetarian, gluten free diet and our friend's dairy free diet. Everything else allowed :) 

I really like brownies made with almond flour/ground almonds - does anyone have a dairy free recipe for brownies using almond flour? Plain gluten-free flour would be fine if not. If anyone has an easy dairy free chocolate sauce recipe I'd like to hear it too!

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Thanks guys! I'd been a bit put off using coconut oil because it's so expensive (student over here!) but found some pretty cheap in a nearby Asian supermarket (that place has been a godsend!!) 

In case anyone else comes looking, I used MGR's brownie recipe: 


"500g ground almond flower
6 eggs
250g sugar
150g melted butter
Two bars of dark (70% upwards) gluten-free chocolate melted in a container on top of boiling water

Beat the eggs and mix sugar, butter, flower and chocolate together - spread on a shallow baking tray. Beke in the oven at 180c for about 45 minutes, cut into squares - eat!! "

I replaced the butter exactly for coconut oil and halved the recipe. Baked it in a loaf tin - so so good. Sitting here scoffing some with coffee :) 

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