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I Want To Buy Myself Some Valentine's Day Chocolate. But.

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But do you KNOW how HARD it is to find gluten AND casien free chocolate that doesn't suck? ;-) Well, silly me. Of course you do.


But seriously, does anyone have any recommendations? I have a killer craving for some actual chocolates, with fillings inside! 

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Possibly include vegan chocolate places in your search.  Then narrow those down to the ones that safely do gluten-free, instead of vice versa.  My heart goes out to you!  Also, if you find a decent chocolate base, making your own truffles can be pretty easy at home.  Of course you may want to do a small batch so you don't eat them all!

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I'm buying for myself Dark chocolate dream bars (google for pictures), or making my own.

Chocolate candy

Filling: cherries, fruit from jars, nuts, dry chopped fruit

1 bag of Enjoy life chocolate chips, and

2 sticks of unsalted Fleishman or Earth Balance margarine softened on top of steam (place the pot with the chocolate and margarine in another filled with water. You need just little water -inch, two on the bottom to have steam. Turn on and let it boil. Your chocolate will melt. Mix everything all the time.)

       You also need the smallest paper cups - for mini cupcakes. Take them apart and place them on baking sheet.

When your chocolate is done, replace the hot water with cold and cool it down. Again place one pot in another. Repeat this step many times as you need until your chocolate cools down. Stir it from time to time.

Proximately 15-20 minutes later your chocolate mixture will start to look like pudding. Put one Tbsp. of chocolate in the every paper cup, fill with any filling you desire and cover with chocolate again. Let it set- harden in room temperature for about 1 hour and afterwards put in the fridge. You can take them out the next day and cover the each candy with an aluminum foil. Store in the fridge in air tide container. Enjoy!

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