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Gluten Free Biscotti Recipe

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OK all my Celiac baking peeps.......does anyone have a fabulous recipe for biscotti or a flour blend that works

really well for making these?  I would benefit from this also but it is for a friend who I have FINALLY convinced

to go gluten free because she screams of a gluten problem.  Her first cousin is a diagnosed Celiac and she had

blood work done and it was negative.  There are a couple of reasons it could have been negative but the doctors

won't go further because the blood work was negative. She is tired of feeling badly so is giving the diet a try and, as she is

Italian, I am helping her stick to the diet.  She wants biscotti and I can't say that I blame her.  I am helping her find suitable substitutes

for the food she misses.  Her husband is a chef so she has one leg up on this but he is new to gluten-free baking.



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I have not tried these recipes, but everything else I have tried from King Arthur has been wonderful. Going through the recipes I will be trying soon. Good luck.


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Those are all regular flour recipes (KAF is well known for their good quality wheat flour), however, I HIGHLY recommend trying those recipes with the King Arthur Flour gluten-free flour blend.  I use it and the baking mix cup for cup in most recipes.  Something dense like biscotti should be easy to replicate.  Biscotti in general are pretty easy to make.  Just bake the loaf, cut, bake again.  Now I want biscotti!

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