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1St Gallstone Attack Since Going gluten-free

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Anyone here ever suffer from gallstones? Holy CATS do they hurt! I had one last year in January that sent me to the hospital - I thought I was dying. I found an ebook with a list of suppliments to naturally disolve the stones, and it worked great. I haven't had an attack since....until yesterday.


I've gotten lazy and haven't taken that list of suppliements in awhile. I felt it coming on in the morning and by 5pm I was doubled over, rubbing my sternum and cursing everything in sight. Nothing helps ease the pain - at least nothing I've found. I can't take any narcotic painkillers, they make me puke, and morphine does nothing for me. I still had some Tylenol 3 with Codeine from the last attack, but that didn't help either.


It's finally over now. The stone either went back into my gall bladder, or it moved on through. Either way, the pain subsided (finally)!


I was hoping that since going gluten-free in October that I wouldn't have to worry about gallstones anymore, as such a huge negative factor in my diet was eliminated. I guess not. Drat, one more thing that hasn't improved since becoming gluten free. :-(


Anyone else suffer from this? How do you cope? I'm back on my supplements and I'll be happy to share the list and the ebook I got them from if anyone's interested.

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As far as I know, there is nothing in supplement world that will dissolve gallstones. If you already had them prior to going gluten-free, then they will still be there after going gluten-free. The diet may help to keep you from forming new stones but that's about it. If they keep giving you grief, you should see a doctor.

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Gemini, after doing some research, I found an ebook written by a doctor that explained why gallstones are formed and why things like olive oil cleanses don't work. He included a list of vitamins (nothing he sold, just the types of vitamins and/or supplements he recommended) and how much to take of each. I gave it a try (after trying some other things like apple cider vinegar, which I could NOT stand at all) and I haven't felt the pain of oncoming or stuck gallstones since (at least, up until I got lazy about taking the vitamins).


If you'd like to read up on it, Dr. Bill Sardi is the author's name, and he has several ebooks on this website: www.nationalhealthlibrarian.com


While it may not be for everyone, I found his ebook extremely well researched with clear explanations. If it made sense to me, it should make sense to anyone! :-)

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