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I was diagnosed with Celiac last Friday, tTG was 74, still waiting on my scope which is this Friday. I was wondering with Celiac do I need to avoid beauty products with gluten? How careful do I need to be with cross contamination. Should I use my own utensils and cooking surfaces  (I still have to cook for my non-gluten-free husband). Do I need to avoid dairy as well?  :blink:

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I avoid lipstick, lip balm, and hand lotions that contain gluten. The foundation, eye makeup, and blusher I use may have gluten. I never even checked. I just make sure I don't pop anything into my mouth after touching my face unless I wash my hands first. But then again, I never put ANYTHING into my mouth, EVER, unless I wash my hands first.


As to the other stuff, go to the coping section and read the Newbie 101 thread. Make sure you click on all the links provided there too. It will explain about CC and how to avoid it.


And yeah, it would be wise to give up dairy for a while. You will probably get it back after a few months.

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Hi PurpleOrchid and Welcome to the Forum!


As Barfull suggested, definitely check out the Newbie 101 thread.

Personally, I don't trust makeup that has gluten in it because it's just too close to my mouth.  Too easy for it to get on a napkin that then ends up running across my lips, etc.  I use Bare Minerals makeup and most of their product line is gluten-free - although I'm not sure about their lip products as I don't use those.  Blistex lip balm is safe.  Burt's Bees tinted lip balm is also safe.  I don't worry about gluten being in the mascara... no idea if it even has gluten it... I figure that's far enough away from my mouth that I don't worry about it.


Oh... and if your shampoo has wheat/gluten in it just make sure not to get any of it in your mouth.  (this tends to be more of an issue with kids)


As far as dairy, you should only need to avoid it if it causes problems for you.  Many Celiacs have no issues with dairy.  I know for me I'm fine with yogurt, cottage cheese, and soft cheeses but hard, aged cheese like cheddar is too hard for me to digest.  I don't have any issues with low-fat milk, but then I've never been one to eat very much of it.


As far as how careful you need to be with cross-contamination... very careful!!  Cross-contamination is the bane of our existence.  Some Celiacs are more sensitive than others as far as outward symptoms, but if you are getting cross-contaminated then you are likely still generating antibodies - which do damage.

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