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Probably Tmi Weird Gastro Issues After Going gluten-free

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I was diagnosed just over a month ago, went gluten-free and have being making my own food since then and my symptoms have been getting somewhat better.  Yesterday, out of nowhere, little black peppery flecks started showing up in my stool (it is normal colored on the whole, just with teeny black spots in it) accompanied by lots of stomach noises (my stomach has been sounding kind of like a water bed).  Everything I've found on the internet has said it's excess iron being flushed out of your system from taking supplements but I haven't been taking iron supplements, just vitamin D (the only place I could be getting any non-dietary iron is from my cast iron skillet that I use on rare occasions).  The only thing I can think of that could be causing it is eating dairy since I had ice cream the night before this all started but how that could cause black flecks beats me.  Has anyone else had issues similar to this and did you figure out what was causing it (and if it was actually a problem)?  





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Never mind, I just figured it out.  I went to put together my snack for tomorrow of apple cinnamon chex and saw the little cinnamon flecks on my fingers after I had put it into it's baggy that look really similar to what I was seeing but I'm not sure how to take down the post since I've figured it out!

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