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Could I Have Been "glutened"?

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I was diagnosed with celiac because of migraines, not digestive symptoms, although I have had minor nausea/stomach pain on and off for years. I've been gluten free for about 1.5 years.

Last weekend I visited my father, and he insists on eating out. I questioned the servers, and didn't have anything with gluten ingredients, but there was a chance of contamination.

Yesterday I became ill (much better today), and am wondering if the following symptoms sound like "glutening"? I haven't been "glutened" before but many people on this forum seem to get more sensitive after going gluten free. It doesn't seem like the regular flu since there was no fever and no respiratory symptoms, and it doesn't seem like stomach flu because of the headache.

Nausea and vomiting

Headache (not migraine)


Skin sensitive to touch

Feeling generally lousy

Thank you for your expertise.

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Kinda hard to say.Kinda sounds like it . When I got Glutened I fell to the ground a couple hrs. later , rolling in pain after puking for an hr. Slept for an hr. or two before I had the energy to get up go to bed and sleep it off for hrs. I think about a week later I might of felt better. I think it hits everyone different. Maby depends on how much Gluten you got in you? But I think Flu symptoms are a def symptom. 

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It's really hard to tell - everyone seems to experience it slightly differently.  I got glutened once and it felt like having food poisoning.  I didn't get GI symtoms but had cold sweats, chills, fatigue, and couldn't think straight.  The worst of it lasted a couple of days but it was about 5 days before my appetite came back and I felt pretty normal.  It was a few weeks before I really felt back to being me again.


You could have been glutened, or it could have been a bug, or even mild food poisoning - hard to know.

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