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Eli Zabar Gluten Free Health Loaf

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Does anyone know if this is safe?  It is clearly marked as Gluten Free but the fine print says "Be aware that this loaf shares equipment with and is produced in a bakery tht uses flour, nuts & dairy products"


So what's the deal?  Is it less than 20ppm because it says gluten-free?  Or is it anyone's guess?  I am certainly hoping it is OK because it is the most delicious bread I have ever tasted.

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I went  to the site..it looks like  gluten-free  ingredients  are  used  but  not in a  dedicated  gluten-free  bakery....the bread  looks yummy but  it has  soy flour  as an ingredient....something I must  avoid  ... I  still can't understand  why  people  use  soy  as it  to  is  an  allergen....And  from what  I found  it looks like the bread  is the only  gluten-free  item....I  couldn't  see   any  gluten-free  practices  they use  to keep the  bread  from CC...

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