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Best "gluten-free Food Of The Month" Club?

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Newbie here.


Getting bombarded with info & offers from companies.


Do many of you belong to these monthly clubs?   Im wondering which might be the best?


I've only seen them at gluten-free Conferences/Fairs -- I wasn't impressed, but it might be fun if you are looking to try some new items to arrive in the mail.  In my opinion, you'll have better luck simply picking six items from the gluten-free selections of the stores near you and you won't be tied to a monthly commitment.


Perhaps others have had good experience with one or more of these companies and will chime in.


Welcome to the forum!


If you haven't seen it yet...check out this thread:



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My son enrolled me in one called the Taste Guru for six months as a Christmas gift.  I have to admit that I am always pleasantly surprised when the box arrives.  I've enjoyed everything in it so far minus a small pack of Cornuts.  It comes packed with quite a few items that I would never have purchased at the store, but now that I've tasted them, I will definitely purchase.  Be specific if you subscribe to one.  Many of the items I've received are not dairy free, but my son wasn't really aware that was a problem for me, so I can't fault the company.  His girlfriend gets the same box monthly as I do, and she really enjoys it also.  Luckily, she doesn't have the dairy issue.  You might be able to choose dairy free as an option; I've just never checked into it.

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